Walkie Poetry Previous Years

Walkie Talkie Poetry from years gone by

This page lists all of the Walkie Talkie Poetry from SOME of the past years, and even includes some awesome stuff from my venue partner Arlo who possesses some real artistic talent and isn’t just a rhyming hack like me.

The 2012 and 2013 entries originally appeared here, and the 2007-2009 entries were rescued from a Facebook page that I thought was long, long gone. Unfortunately, 2010, 2011, and everything before 2007 are lost.

So enjoy some of these bits of Fringe Years Past, and be warned that some of it will be completely out of context due to the activities of the times.

Walkie Poetry 2014

Thur, July 17, 2014

Well dear fringers, what can I say?
We’re back again with this festival of plays.
The square is full of vendors and hawkers
And all the radio chatter is about dry erase markers.

There is so much to see and do
And so much of the Fringe this year is new
New venues, new vendors, new frontiers
New acts, new plays, there’s even new beers!

It’s all gearing up to be one heck of a time,
So lift your spirits and stop that whine
The Winnipeg Fringe is gonna be bold
That is as long as the nice weather holds

But there’s one new thing I can’t get used to
Because of late starts on this schedule new
Even though the extra sleep is a boon
I can’t get used to walkie poetry after noon…

Fri, July 18, 2014

So now the weekend’s here
And it looks like it’s getting hotter
So even though it will try to endear
Make sure to drink lots of water

The nice people down at the Internet say
For those in the beverage Pavillion
Air temperature of 28, hooray!
But a humidex of a billion

No mater how much you’re petitioning,
No mater if you’ve dealt
Get into some air conditioning
Or you will surely melt

So here in venue 2 we’re ready
Everything is A-OK
I just hope I can keep it steady
For this, my 5 show day.

Sun, July 20 2014

Dear fringers, good morning
It’s another glorious day
The sun is shining a sailors warning
And we’re ready to do some plays

So far so good,
I can’t complain
Smooth seems to be the mood
Even when we get rain

But there is one thing I got
That I guess is really lucky
Not something I would have thought
But I have a working walkie

So I’ll take advantage of it
And check in to the site tech
Venue two is open and I can transmit
I promise I’ll take care not to wreck it.

Thurs July 24 2014

Nose to the grindstone, keep your hands on the wheel
We’re into the home stretch, it’s almost a done deal

But there’s still four days left, it’s not quite gone
There’s still time to get your Fringe on

I know we’re all tired, I can hear it on the walkie
Everybody’s screeching with voices all squawky

So take a breath, try not to be uncouth
Venue 2 seems to have no power in the booth

Sun July 27 2014

Well the day is here, we’re at the end
The last day is upon us
A couple more shows, one last smokie
And the final ride of the Fringe bus.

The radios are humming, lots of chatter
An interesting story to weave
Missing volunteers, dead battery angst
And the adventures of Site Super Steve!

I know it’s hard, we’ve come a long way
It will take all your might
But let’s try to be cheery and do a good job
Because at the end of the tunnel there is a light

So this is venue 2, up and running
On this our final day
It’s been a blast, I hope to be back
For poetry by JBJ

Walkie Poetry 2013

July 20 2013

Good morning dear fringe types
I apologize for the delay
But I haven’t been opening
The first time is today

No, you haven’t missed them
You’re not totally crazy
This is the first poem
Because I’ve been lazy

That’s over now though
Get ready for it Daddy-O
This morning we start
The rhymes of the radio

There should be a few more
I open six times
So some mornings will get
My thoughts and my whines

Now let’s get out there and do it
Don’t make this weekend a turd
Grab a program see some shows
And get on your F-word

I’m seeing some stuff
Although I don’t know when
In the meantime in between time
This venue be open…

July 24 2013

Keys, phone, backpack
Yup I got all those
Tools, I.D, snacks
I seem to be wearing clothes

I’m writing a rhyme
Got an idea for the blog
Running out of time
Gotta get through this slog

Kings head last night
Friends from way back when
Conversation and a bite
Suddenly it’s 4 am

Breakfast in the morning
Tomorrow, five skits
Alarm gives its warning
Only I didn’t hear it

Quick, grab some eggs
Some coffee with the staff
Spill it on my legs
Well at least I can drink half

Scarf it all down
Conversations to join
Bacon nicely brown
Shout out to Loat and Coyne

The clock ticks by
God am I tired
Open the venue with a sigh
Completely uninspired

Search my pockets again
I swear I’m missing something
Search venue two’s domain
Nope not in the wings

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks
As I’m sitting in the booth
This won’t be a quick fix
It seems that I’m missing my youth

July 25 2013

Another day in paradise
A festival of glee
The second Thursday is upon us
Oh goody… Wheeee

I’ll mop the stage, check the lights
I’ll help set up your show
And then I’ll press some buttons
But only if you say go

Then I’ll walk the square
Get some lunch from a vendor
Then get a wristband, a can of wine
The cube in all it’s splendour

And then I’ll watch all the people
Various tasks completed with cheer
A sea of white shirts helping out
The fringe Fest volunteers

It causes something to appear
Something that hasn’t happened in a while
It affects the bitter old venue tech
And causes him to smile.

July 26 2013

Wow, holy cow,
Look at that sky
Now that’s the kind of blue
We expect in July

The past few days
As everyone knows
Has been really cold
I thought it might snow!

Let’s hope that it stays
That big ball of gas
And heats up the site
So’s I don’t freeze my ass

Because the weekend is upon us
Three more days of the f word
Get your fringe on
Go see something absurd

Due to patron’s picks
I don’t open again, I’m done
So as far as radio rhymes
This will be the last one

But I have something special planned
For the weekend you’ll all get
But in order to enjoy it
Log on to the blog which is on the internets.

Walkie Poetry 2012

July 19 2012

Once again it’s that time of year,
For theatre, improv, and a tent of beer
Groups are opening their shows today
Hopefully to applause and a few hoorays

People will start to ask me “what’s good in your venue?
Do you have funny shows? Sad shows? What’s on the menu?
Do you have shows about sex? About politics? Anything with elves?”
To which I reply, “Come and see the shows and find out for yourself!”

Ahh, it’ll all be ok, everything will work out fine.
Venue two is open, everything’s working, nothing out of line.

Saturday July 21 2012

To the performer who I shall not name
That stunt you pulled was pretty lame
I don’t care that you smashed that bottle on the ground
Although broken glass on stage is clearly unsound

My problem with the broken bottle on the floor
Was that you stole it from another group, it wasn’t yours
Now the other company has to acquire a new prop
Just because you felt the need to give that bottle a drop

Look, I know you think you’re more important than everyone here
The technicians, staff, and volunteers
But if you can’t be bothered to acknowledge those here to serve
At least show the other companies the respect they deserve.

Sunday July 22 2012

Good morning fellow fringers and welcome to day nine
Another sunny day of theatre sublime
Rubbish, Jem Rolls, The Darling Family,
Afterlives, Sin Eater, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,
Broken Wings, Fresher, Saints of British Rock,
Unenlightened, Brothers Grim, and Pretending Things Are A….Bleep
These are just a few of the shows available to view
Including the Ten here at good ol Venue Two
You may see something quaint, energetic or impressive
And as an added bonus, escape the heat oppressive
So get out and see them before the grande finale
This Venue is open, MTC Up The Alley.

Tuesday July 24th 2012

Ding Dong, the Fringe bell tolls
Ding Dong, on and on it goes
Ding Dong, everything in the venue is swell
Ding Dong, would someone please shoot that bell

The volunteers are counting the seconds
The time to start selling beckons
And if they don’t get their stuff on the dot
They’re going to get their panties in a knot

I don’t know why they’re in such a hurry
Wringing their hands, brows furled in worry
When I open my door, To the back of the head I get a cuff
Because I’m nine seconds late with their stuff

Oh well, I guess this schedule demands it
We don’t want the machine to up and quit
Venue two is open, and everything is great
Please forgive me for being nine seconds late.

Thursday July 26 2012

Focaccia pizza and a pastry filled with custard
Street meat with pickles and five kinds of mustard
Curry on rice and spicy chicken wings
These are a few of my favourite things

Onion petals, French fries, a greasy burger with cheese
Lemonade, kettle corn, ice cream to make the brain freeze
Cajun pickles, battered peppers, and other deep fried splendors
There are so many choices offered by the food vendors

A generous selection from the portable kitchenettes
Including various things stuffed into baguettes
Smokies and roti and tasty falafel
I wish one year someone would do waffles

So get it while you can before the square goes quiet
Because after the fringe, you’re going on a diet
Get out there and sample that deep fried crunch
Venue two is open, and he’s thinking about lunch

Saturday July 28 2012

Vroom, vroom, vroom, it’s in to the final stretch
Last chance to see shows, last chance to kvetch
Last chance to participate, last chance to question
Last chance to suffer fringe food indigestion

It’s been a long road, of shows, food and beer
But the light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near
Groups are preparing the last of their lampoons
As they look to the future, Edmonton and Saskatoon

But they will remember with fondness this fringe oh so pretty
A huge theatre festival in a small prairie city
So I salute the groups with this coffee that’s making me wired
Venue two is open, and god am I tired.

Sunday July 29 2012

(Spoken with a really bad Christian Bale impression)

Citizens of Gotham, it’s the last day of Fringe
This is no time to cower, hide or cringe
You need to rise up, buy some tickets and take control of the situation
Because tomorrow there’ll be nothing left, they’re going on vacation

Looks like we’re missing volunteer 4876943
Where is she? Where is she?
Seems like some evil has snatched up the volunteers
They’re all watching Olympic boxing. Mexico vs Zaire

I’m here to stop this and make sure things are ok
So I’ve relieved the technician named JBJ
If there’s any volunteers left, help where you can
Venue 2 is open for business and… I’m Batman.


Walkie Poetry 2009

Stay tuned for a whole new set of poetry on the walkie talkies….. starting Thursday July 16th 2009….

Will the listeners be sophisticated enough to appreciate Arlo’s “Pinsky-esque” couplets?

Or will they sink to the level of JBJ and his Poetry Porn?

Will the bald german at the King’s Head declare “This is a poetry free zone!”

These and other stupid questions will be answered in the coming days….


Thursday July 16th 2009 (JBJ)

It was a dark and stormy night

Was it snowing? Not quite.

But it was COLD under that november sky,

Wait a minute…. It’s July!

I should be sweaty and hot… in a wife beater…

Not making requests for a fancy space heater!

I thought the weather would make the patrons shy…

But I found out later that house counts were quite high!

The patrons seem to have this weather beat!

They’re going to see shows, to find some heat!

So lets be like them, give in, have a binge…

Venue 2 is open, now lets Fringe Fringe Fringe!!!


Friday July 17th 2009 (JBJ)

Last night after my shows,

I went to the outdoor site,

To get a cold beer,

And grab a quick bite.

As I sat there,

Eating my burger of rubber,

I noticed the temperature,

And started to shudder.

I shook my fist,

In gloves of leather,

And screamed “What I wouldn’t do,

for some decent weather”.

Then a man in a black cloak,

And a pointy beard,

Leaned over and said,

“Couldn’t help but overhear”.

I can get rid of this cold,

While you drink your beer,

All you gotta do,

Is sign right here.

So that’s what happened late last night

in the cold beer tent.

And this morning’s sunshine was bought

with the soul of John Bent.


Saturday July 18th 2009 (Arlo)

A Wait

It was the wild wait, the quiet siren pause

which sang the borders between you and me,

us and them,

the picture and the picture frame.

It was a languishing sound

that slowed the verge

between our faith and the train,

our ideas and the wind,

the paint and the painter.

It was a piqued moment

that encompassed any distance

between your drive and my gravity,

our motion and their solitude,

the spark and the drowsing fire.


Sunday July 19th 2009 (Arlo)

A Fall

Listen up

right here right now

you want it

we make it

you need it

you know it

you have it

you need another

Wise up

look around

don’t be left behind

one is not enough

two can’t be shared

three won’t last

four will never do

more is what you need

Shut up

devour the rest

lay waste

wipe out



enjoy you purchase


Monday July 20th 2009 (Arlo)

A Source

Close you eyes and open your hands

it said and as I did I was alone.

The wind and sky looked down at me,

forsaken with my gift.

I was afraid, basking with future toils

and fruitless ideas so close to me.

All I needed to do was open my hands

and all my work could begin.

Hesitantly each nascent finger opened to reveal

a perfectly clear fledgling vision, slow as the sun

and bright and fleeting like an original sin.


Tuesday July 21st 2009 (JBJ)

As a venue tech,

I spend a lot of time,

Answering the public’s questions

And listening to them whine.

So to expediate the process,

And free up the day,

I’m going to answer the most popular,

And get it out of the way.

No, there are no washrooms,

No, we don’t sell snacks,

And if you don’t like the show,

You can’t get your money back.

I don’t know if you’ll like it,

I don’t even know who you are,

And no that’s not a good place,

To park your giant car.

I don’t care that you went to school with the performer

And your name is Bob,

Ya gotta get in line

With the rest of the slobs.

Oh that’s it, I’m done,

I’m tired of this barking,

No Lady I can’t

Validate your parking.

OK, Venue 2 is open,

You’ve all run out luck,

From now on

I’m sending the patrons to Chuck.


Wed July 22 2009 (JBJ)

Good Day Dear Fringers, Welcome to day Eight

Sorry today’s poem is so very late.

Now I’m gonna broach a subject, and don’t get ticked

Today’s topic is Walkie etiquette.

When you use the walkie,

there’s some things you should keep in mind

In order to make it work,

Ya gotta press the button on the side.

Then when you’re done talking about your fine show,

In order for us to reply


Be polite, talk clearly, no swearing like a saloir

And keep your comments brief,

You’re not Norman Mailer.

No frivolous use, like starting a philosophic debate,

It isn’t a toy, no joking around, no poetry… oh… wait

Well Venue 2 is open, and we have all our tools

I’m JBJ and I guess I’m breaking the rules.


Thursday July 23 2009 (JBJ)

This one goes out to the performers

Who are having problems with their show

I’m the guy that can help,

I’ll tell you all I know.

For I am the Fringe Whisperer

And I can fix your play

We’ll change your 1 star review

into a 4 star escapade

I’ll make them laugh and cry

I’ll make sure they don’t flee

All of this can be yours

For a modest fee.

The Fringe Whisperer knows all the secrets

to fix your dirge

I can do it better than the internet

Or some fancy Dramaturge

Thank you for your payment

And for paying the full amount

Now the fee will be deducted

From your bank account

Now for the Fringe secret

That will change your show’s luck

Are you ready, here it comes



Fri July 24 2009 (Arlo)

A Fix

This is my last fringe poem for this year

For making this a good festival my thanks to the volunteers, patrons and staff

Next year let’s do the following for more good cheer,

Have more sunshine, a new outdoor stage and a petting zoo giraffe.

Most of my poems have little rhyme and a lot of scheme,

If you guessed what they were about this year good for you.

The answer was in print, on buses and in our theme,

It is there for you to see, digest and construe.

This was to be the last of four poems – this one about a certain place or plateau,

Oh say perhaps 1988.

But I was tired and focussed on sold out show after sold out show,

So perhaps next year I will hire Eugene the rhyming robot so I can focus on keeping the Winnipeg Fringe first rate.


Saturday July 25 2009 (JBJ)

Well dear fringers we’re into the final stretch

And I know it’s been a long haul, and you feel like a wretch

You’re working on no sleep, you’re hung over, you have bad gear

The pay really sucks, especially if you’re a volunteer

You haven’t had a shower, you look like a slob

And today you’re going to eat your 86th hot dog

Your knees are hurting, no energy, you’re spent

Your back is killing you from the chairs at the beer tent

But we’ll keep going on, we will never quit

Even though I think we’re getting to old for this …… stuff

Well venue 2 is open and my name is John Bent

The only thing that’s left to say is “WHERE IN THE HELL IS MY TENT?”


Sunday July 26 2009 (JBJ)

Well we’ve reached the end

And Fringe is done for another year

We’ve laughed, we cried

We drank way too much beer

Attendance is up,

All the shows have been fine

It always amazes me

That the patrons stand in line.

But we are already looking ahead

To next years fest

What will it be? What’s the theme?

Can anyone guess?

Maybe it will be ancient Fringe, or Spaceship Fringe

Or the Fringe of the Ages

Or Circus Fringe, or Caveman Fringe,

Or a Fringe set in Cages.

These are all good ideas, but which one to propose?

I guess they are all spot on

But there is one idea that stands above the rest

The theme we can all agree on

It’s the theme that made the press

And can be heard across this great land.

Next year the festival should be

The Fringe of the soft hands.


Walkie Poetry 2008

Thur. July 17th 2008 JBJ

Good morning dear fringers, staff, and volunteers

Back at the festival for another year

Today’s message won’t be quick

For I, JBJ, have a bone to pick.

It seems that a question on the volunteer quiz

Said that poetry came not from venue 2, but venue 3 that is.

I can assure you dear fringers that if Tony

spit out a poem it woud be kinda phoney

Roses are red

Violets are in a sheaf

I have 3 sandwiches

Chicken, Ham, and Roast Beef

Or if venue 3 was opened by Chris,

The poetry would sound something like this

Roses are red

Violets smell like brie

There’s a massacre here

Over at venue 3

So you see dear fringers, this is not the case,

The volunteer quiz is way off base,

For we all know that violets are blue

And morning poetry doesn’t come from venue 3

But here at Venue 2…..


Fri. July 18th 2008 Arlo

Vegas Morning

The well worn river lay blank,

verses unwritten by Swift’s pen.

Mocker versions slept near the silent stones,

each a bored bookmark for another sunrise.

Soon a word will spill onto the cellar stream,

fixing the story and stilling the waves.

Around the corner a tall and pointed border guard erased the morning verse,

leaving the page blank and ready to be pushed up the river again.


Sat July 19th 2008 JBJ

The first weekend is here and we’re in the groove,

We’ve finaly hit our stride

They’re drinking beer, the shows are smooth,

In this fringe of Winnipeg pride

But while flipping through my program,

All dirty and bent

It seems to me there’s something absent

We have warnings for gunshots, language,

Even one for stupidity

But curiously they’re are very few warnings about nudity

It seems this year, gunshots are all the rage,

(It’s a virtual killing spree)

But when it comes to theatre in the buff,

The program only lists three.

There’s lots of shows with drug use,

(Smoking up the doobies)

But almost all the groups are shying away

From showing us their boobies.

For we all know what works at the fringe

And it can’t be fake-ed

If you want big crowds you gotta be one of two things

Be British, or be naked.

So I guess this years companies

Are not giving nudity a whirl

Heck, this year I’ve seen more skin

Buying food from the pizza girl.

So I’m gonna do something about it,

This techie’s no prude

I’m JBJ, this is venue 2

And I’m running all my shows in the nude!


Sun July 20 2008 Arlo

Vegas Drive 5

I saw him again today same place with his paper smile,

his best thoughts gone with the top of his head.

Sitting and sorting in a can of salty people I have no taste for the morning smells.

I have death country in my ears, pushing prodding

pleading for some feeling,

The drive is lost here, seeing a host of bright temptress shadows taunting every intersection.

His ideas are brighter, neon brighter, desert night brighter.


Mon July 21 2008 JBJ

It seems this fringe we have some new trends,

And this technician is cool with that my friends.

Some new things are good (like shoot the bride)

And others not so good, (Like sandwich at the water slide)

But in some groups’ search for perfection,

The new trend is the addition of projection

Remember, it’s the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, ya schnook,

Not a chance to run power point on your shiny new MacBook!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan when it supports the Milieu

But not when it’s just a chance to say “Look what I can do!”

Maybe if your show is less than sublime,

You should start by learning your lines!

I thought this was a theatre festival ya know,

Not a film festival out of Toronto

So this is Venue 2, and if your show is dreck,

My name is JBJ, and stop fixing your show with tech!


Tues. July 22 2008 Arlo

Vegas lesson

The open window blocked the view of the her and her and him dance,

Back lit with ignorance on a well travelled wagon trail west.

She knew better, she had the tools and the desire,

I knew better but lacked the vision or the verve.

A council pressed for the answer – what forms from a formalist?

The echo was brief and quiet – I can only know the small answers.

The troika dance ended and resumed some distance later,

illumination shared and felt on the sunny Saturday afternoon.


Wed July 23 2008 Arlo

Vegas Dream

I remember my first vegas dream

in a car not mine so fast looking up at a blue green sky, voicing a race to the desert.

For our only desert we raced,

She was a superhero civil servant going where only she could go.

My car was green and fast and soon we were there and back,

sand between my toes.

For me time stopped,

and ten years later I still look back race back to the best dream ever.


Thur July 24 2008 JBJ

This is a story of a performer from far away,

Who came to the Fringe to put on a play,

It seems Morley Walker saw this play (from afar),

And decided to award it only one star.

Last night, when I saw her, just before her show,

I asked “How’s your day? How did it go?”

She said “Great! I’ve been flyer-ing all day

To try to get people to come see my play!”

I then had to tell her some news, so cold,

Not a single ticket to her show had been sold.

She went backstage, a little less spry,

And sat down on chair, and started to cry.

When I opened the house later, I thought I would die,

Suddenly out side the venue, there was a great big line!

My team leader said “I couldn’t stand by and watch all those tears,

So I went to Hospo, and gathered some volunteers”.

Instead of an empty house, all big and dirty,

There was suddenly a crowd, of over thirty.

I then told the actor about the score

She said “That’s everything that I could wish for”

So she did her show, no more the cynic

Despite the idiotic ramblings of some stupid critic.

So this one goes out to that leader of the team,

Who helped a young actor fulfil her dreams.


Fri July 25 2008 JBJ

When putting on a fringe, there’s one thing you can’t do without

And that’s the people, of this, there’s no doubt

If the Fringe is the body we all adore,

Then today it’s the parts that we will explore

First there’s the volunteers, never alone

They are the fringe’s mighty backbone

Then there’s the patrons, they see shows, sometimes a dud

They are the fringe’s flowing life blood

The staff of the fringe are the organs, and for a start

If patrons are the blood, then box office is the heart

But what about the technicians? all clever and keen?

What part are they? The liver? The kidneys? The spleen?

Well, if a performer has some angst and doubt,

It’s the technician that ends up helping out

When the technician is doing a show

He presses a button when somone says GO

They point the way, they know where stuff goes

And on occasion, they pick their nose.

So on this metaphor I shall no longer linger,

The venue technician is the almighty index finger!

So this is venue 2, and it’s been a blast

I’m JBJ, and this poem is my last.


Sat July 26th 2008 Arlo

Vegas Compass

My crayola coloured compass argued with me,

on the trip without water.

Why go there? I know best,

Remember what happened last time.

My compass knows my pyretic song – bright red and blue over and over.

Why would I go?

the compass colours spilled out the window,

a prismatic stained bread trail back home.

I looked in the mirror and saw grey ravens claiming the prize.


Sun July 27 2008 Arlo

Vegas End

A new sound blast round with a smile and a flutter,

I’ve heard this one because it was the longest coolest pause.

She shot me with a paper gun cutting me with smiley face bullets.

It was a fast way to go, looking up down at myself full of happy leaks.

New commas and blurred question marks all lacking the words to make our story flow. The relaxed horizon glow eyed me taunted me guided me.

I took a quiet step back towards the river of light,

waiting for the best time to chance the words to unstill the vegas night.


Walkie Poetry 2007

Thursday July 19th 2007 JBJ

Well good morning dear fringers, what can I say?

We’ve woken up to a lovely day

And I gotta tell you it’s more than I can bear

The sights and sounds emanating from the square.

The performers, the volunteers, the people all in splendour

Mixed in with the smells wafting from the vendors.

And we all learned a lesson, and it was a dandy,

A plastic chair can’t hold Wayne and Randy.

So let’s start the day with a Hip Hip Hooray!

Venue 2 is open, and I’m JBJ.

Friday July 20th JBJ

Wow what a day! That’s how to start!

Bustling venues, staff all doing their part.

THe shows are on time, some are ahead

(I can feel through the walkie, Geoff shaking his head)

But a new day has dawned, and we’re all in awe.

There’s a HUGE line up (must be TJ Dawe).

So lets do some shows, start all anew.

JBJ is ready, this is Venue 2.


Saturday, July 21, 2007 Arlo

Searching for the Show

The shuffle was familiar.

Past the posters,

Past the poster painted hands,

And beyond the wheels and floating voices.

Each step is a question:

This stop, this door, this show.

Each stop is an answer.

Another show,

A different line

Another story probably already told.

Another shuffle begins where this one ends

Closer to the list.

Past the posters,

Past the painted poster hands

Then beyond the voices and floating wheels.


Sunday, July 22, 2007 Arlo

Hand Bill

The jackhammer dragonflyer piled high in mating season,

Swarming the lines.

So colourful, burgeoning with the hopes of so few,

Laid upon the unmoved, cleared nightly to renew their quest.

Monday, July 23, 2007 Arlo

Ticket Stub

Where is that show stub bookmark memory?

Was it a watery show?

Did I feel decent afterwards?

Was I better for the assembled hot gamble?

Was the ticket a comp?

A found treasure or a lost lifetime?

Was the ticket stub a remedy; did my ticket stub find its mark.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Arlo

See Me

Way stop sign post parceling / rationing out a vision

Small changes with smaller lies

Each the smallest step away / forward.

See Me not You


Be Better Here


With Air There.

A turn / return to finish the flourish,

Our time here was our show.


Wednesday, July 24, 2007 Arlo

2007 A Fringe Epiphany

Yesterday I did all five of my shows,

It was clear to me – they all made sense.

Each needed the others,

All to realize their Bowman star potential.

Today I am doing the same five,

And last year’s five as well.

All five will be rebuild and remounted,

Each the same casts and recycled sets.

Tomorrow I will add the five from the previous year,

By Sunday I will have thirty shows to run.

All in the same day.

All the sets and casts and shows staged together at the same time.

Then I will have my Bowman star cry – “My God, its full of fringes.”


Thursday July 26th 2007 JBJ

It’s day 9 and we’re over the hump,

But don’t fade on me now, don’t be a chump!

There’s still lots to see and do, and it’s all inspiring

And the rain came last night, so they’ll be less perspiring.

The performers are out hocking their wares,

With colourful flyers they leave on chairs.

And last night in the square were warriors infantile,

sporting plastic guns, flinging foam projectiles.

So venue 2 is all ready to go!

Time for the final push! It’s on with the show!


Friday July 27th 2007 JBJ

This is a story that began last year,

About a group of performers that I hold dear.

It seems they came early to check out the space,

Just to look around, a little face to face.

They wanted to know what to use for a bribe,

Was there something specific their tech would imbibe?

So they asked Geoff this question followed by a “Please”

And found out my craving for American spray cheese.

So they went back to the states, back to home base,

And came back with spray cheese by the case.

Flash forward to this year, and this same group,

Was in line at my venue to see one of my troupes.

They gave me a hug, a great big squeeze

And handed me a bag full of spray cheese.

I thought this was great, this group from North Dakota,

A girl and a guy (who looks like Abe Vigoda).

This is great I said with a shout.

Venue 2 is open, that’s what fringe is all about.


Saturday July 28th 2007 JBJ

I am venue tech, hear me roar,

But not too loud my head is sore.

For it was 4am when I got to bed,

(Spent too much time at the Kings Head).

You can recognise us by our glower,

And the fact that it’s been days since we’ve had a shower.

We’re the ones who take care of the spaces,

And carry the angst on our faces.

For we have a schedule to keep,

And many a show before we sleep.

You can hear us complaining of our woes,

And looking forward to a change of clothes.

You can see us, our faces look bleak,

We’ve been wearing the same shirt for 2 weeks.


VENUE 2 IS OPEN…. now I have to mop the floor.


Sunday July 29th 2007 JBJ

20 years of fringe, wow, I guess it’s fate,

Things sure have changed since 1988.

Back then, it was a stage and a chair,

Not to mention that everybody had big hair.

A few people came out too take a look,

Now it’s “Check out my group on Facebook!”

The venues now run from noon to dusk,

Back then a venue was a burnt out husk.

So what do we have over the next 20 years,

Automated sets, and holographic beer,

65 dollar tickets, credit cards, no cash,

And the ability to buy your robot a pass.

The future is boundless, I can’t know it all,

As I look into the haze of my crystal ball.

So venue 2 is open, although a little late,

See you all next year in 2008.



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