Walkie Poetry 2015

For the past several years… umm, seventeen to be exact, when Venue 2 radios to the site technician that the venue is open and ready to go, venue two has done so with a poem. Since many people miss them in the morning, and ask us what the poem of the day was, I thought I would list them here.

Fri, July 17 2015


Fringe fringedy, fringe fringedy, fringe fringe fadoo,
Another hot day, yippee, Yahoo.
While you’re fringing try to stay cool
Drink lots of water don’t be a fool

Patrons should wear repellent
To protect against bugs
Vendors don’t overload power
And melt all your plugs

Buskers with fire,
don’t be a rube
Kerosene in a plastic cup
Could burn down the cube

When hanging heavy gear
Don’t be too daring
Remember that drywall
Isn’t load bearing

We want a safe fringe
So please don’t be dense
I know in this heat
We can lose our common sense

Anyway, venue 2 is open
And JBJ is here
Today let’s fill in the blank with
We’re all safe here.


Sat, July 18 2015


Good morning dear fringers
It looks like it’s gonna be a wet one
But maybe we’ll get lucky
And it’ll wait till we’re done

Rain or shine, sleet or snow
It won’t matter if the weather is dumb
This is the Winnipeg Fringe
And the crowds will come

They’re looking for a hero
And venue 2 has some
Not the usual super star
But one that affects their bum

For the biggest compliment we’re getting
About making their fringe complete
Is the new additions on the chairs
That make for a comfortable seat

Performers are noticing
And next years posters will be pushin’
Not air conditioned venues
But the fact they have a cushion

Venue 2 is now open
And I don’t mean to be crass
But even if the show isn’t very good
At least they don’t have a sore ass.

Sun, July 19 2015


Sunday Sunday,
it’s a good day to be alive,
The fringe is all buzzing
Like a good little hive

And today is the day when the artists are take the pledge
Every time they look at the Internet
It puts them on edge

They’re reading the critics
Hoping not to get scars
Because they’re whole world
Is centred around stars

So when you see an artist crying
Oh my gosh!
You know they’re a victim
of Kevin Prokosh

Don’t pay attention to those reviews
Or the media minions
For after all those critics say
It’s just their opinions

So venue 2 is open
And fancy free
Home to 8 shows
with stars of three
Mon, July 20 2015


Let me tell you a story
About a man named Bent
Came to Winnipeg
To work in a building of cement

He came from Alberta
Way back in 98
To work at MTC
Who’s reputation was great

After his first season
Working Pan Am made him cringe
So he and Denis Crymble
Decided to work the Fringe

He fell in love with the work
Even through the long days
Of wacky theatrics
In this festival of plays

But it’s been a long time
And now this dude’s fried
So after 17 seasons
It’s time to step aside

This is his last year
Of this festival of bliss
He retires in October
And the Fringe he will miss

So venue 2 is open
And it’s been a blast
Tune in Friday morning
Because that poem will be his last

Fri, July 24 2015


So this is it, 3 days left
we’re entering the final days
Of this theatrical festival
Of Fringetastic plays

If the weather holds
the outdoor site we will invade
A lot of staff will partake
Because yesterday we got paid

But this is the last time I open
My beloved Venue two
And before I go,
I think some gratitude is due

I’d like to thank everyone involved
With my fringes over these many years
The staff, patrons, vendors, and performers
Plus the army of volunteers

I’d especially like to thank
My venue partner who’s great
I’ve worked with him a long time
Technician extraordinaire Arlo Bates

And with that I sign off
This is my last fringe theoretical
The end of 17 years of mornings
With JBJ waxing poetical


Sun July 26 2015

Ian Kirk

On the final day of Fringe at the closing party, fellow technician Ian Kirk read this poem aloud as a gift.


What is tradition you might ask something about something something in the past
some are quite noble and are here to stay
Some rather silly and should probably go away
morning greetings and rhyme we’re not just for fun
but eased into a day of hard work to be done
Two guys started it and have since gone away
today we say thank you to uncle Dave and JBJ




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