Posts 2015

“Close the doors and windows Martha… that blogger is back!”

Prelude – One More for the Road…

Day 1 – It’s all about your perspective.

Day 2 – Top Ten ideas for your next Fringe show

Day 3 – Sitting at the Kid’s table

Day 4 – Automation vs People

Day 5 – Opening Night Nerves

Day 6 – The things you see at the Fringe

Day 7 – The most entertaining show at the Fringe, part 4

Day 8 – Whether you weather the weather or not.

Day 9 – Fifteen minute call.

Day 10 – Go home Free Press, you’re drunk.

Day 11 – Herding Cats

Day ….um 12? – What the hell day is it?

Day 13 – A soldier in the army

Day 14 – We do it all for you.

Day 15 – Waiting for the last of the lasts

Day 16 – A day of gratitude.

Flash Forward

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