Posts 2013

Prelude – Oh God, not this Fringer again…

Day 1: How to schedule a Fringe Festival…

Day 2: Top Ten Annoying Things About Fringe Technicians.

Day 3: Getting Fringing Busy

Day 4: How to build lighting cues.

Day 5: Stop, drop, and roll.

Day 6: First day jitters.

Day 7: The most entertaining show at the Fringe Part Two.

Day 8: Stuff overheard at the Fringe.

Day 9: You’re doing it wrong…

Day 10: Hump Day…

Day 11: Playing Nice.

Day 12: How to use a walkie talkie in the morning

Day 13: Tales from the beer tent…

Day 14: All the shows all the time…

Day 15: Fringe Tech 101

Day 16: Get the F out!

Day 17: The End of days…

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