Day 6 – The things you see around the Fringe.

We’re now into our first full day of the festival and all of the groups in Venue two will have had their first show by the end of the day. The buskers are in full busk over at the outdoor site, the vendors are in full vend all over the festival grounds, and the King’s Head is in full head at the end of the night.

That came out wrong.

The handbills are coming out (mine included) and the rains have taken their toll on the first round of posters and everyone is out replastering the walls of the RMTC buildings.

There’s also a metric ton of amusing little stories floating around. For instance, I just saw RMTC’s Artistic Director get carded at the beer tent because he looked under 35 (to be fair he always has a spring in his step during Fringe).

There’s the woman who tried to use her Discover card at the beer tent (it’s cash only), and the group of out towners that tried to use their beer tickets at the Kings Head.

A volunteer has already tried to keep me out of my venue because I didn’t have a ticket to the show, and performer has tried to educate me on the finer points of theatrical acoustics.

A patron coming out of a Venue 2 show told me “I realised too late that I was at the wrong show, but wow I’m glad I was, that was fantastic! Rambo is soooo much better in the original Dutch.”

Yup, there’s lots to see at the Fringe, and 10 more days to see it in. And it’s not just on the stages. There are Fringe shows all around you…


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