Day 15 2014: It’s all in the titles…

Well we’ve entered The 11 O’clock Number and GOD, it’s been Hell To Pay. We’re into the HOME stretch as the Bits start to Accelerate towards an Expiration Date. We’re so tired that the BLOODSUCKERS and Brain Cravers and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom will have us in a Bodybag by the end of the day. Hopefully It Ends With A Bang or we’ll be Slaves of Starbucks in The City That Eats YouNothing Serious however.

The Storyteller with the Tales She Tells is Speechless as she is Spilling Family Secrets about Mother Mine and the Crumbs that are left behind in the Dead Air of my Wanderlust.

The List is a little Bizarro Obscure here on this Magic Unicorn Island, but always remember that This Is A Play, and it’s Dandy, even though There are Two Errors in the the Title of This Show*.

Over In Wonderland, the Shadow Spaces and Flying Dreams are only just a part of the Wang Dang, Hip Bang Improv, Mondo Mascot Meat Draw of the Folk Lordz! The ONE-MAN TRAFFIC JAM Off 88th Street is a Runaway EUROSMASH, Cruising in September.

Hell is Other People, with Davy the Punk, Giovanni!, Kitt & Jane, Ludwig & Lohengrin, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, Peter n Chris, Dolores, Petunia and Chicken, Me & My Monkey, Hamlet & Juliet, TES, SNOOPY!!! and PUSS IN BOOTS, joining Chase & Stacey’s Joyride. Then, we are left Singing At The Edge Of The World with these, The Horrible Friends in The Keith Brown Exchange situated in The Middle of Everywhere.

According To Harry, Gary Has a Date with the Fake News Fangirl in Allegheny, BC.. A movie featuring a Pizza Man in a ChubRub Cabaret will lead to some Red Wine, French Toast, And The Best Sex You’ve Ever Had. It’s a total Screwtape, and will never be a Best Picture nominee, but it will act as Fourplay for 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick, and the Cockwhisperer. A Red Hot Mama in the Sperm Wars completes the double feature and ends with Lies of a Promiscuous Woman and her Suitcase of Wonders full of Promise and Promiscuity, Snake Oil and Fruitcake for High Tea. In This House: Vices, Virtues and Vixens leads to some Deranged Dating or at the very least, A Small Affair. It Breaks All The Rules as a Pair of Animals Wants To Marry YOU… Watch out WildKat! Animal Love is here to stay WOLVES > BOYS.

In the end, Trouble Walked In, all Riled Up and Wasted On Light, and he said Undress Me, and ignores Sex, Religion, and Other Hangups in favour of a game of Truth or Dare Suddenly, Last Summer Surrounded by Taxidermy (2) from the Wolf Trek.

It’s like the Substituute Teacher From Hell Teaching Shakespeare or the Great Battles in History to Spec. Ed. or like Making Believe at 340 FT over The Iceberg. We Glow Where This Passion Lies, The Surprise, that we are Glowing at all. Is it All You Can Eat/The Top? Or are we just Eating Pasta Off the Floor? It’s The Way We Felt, Now That Communism is Dead and I’m Running on Stilts, in a Nashville Hurricane although, really, it’s Much Ado About Nothing because there is No Tweed Too Tight.

MITTELSCHMRZ! …. Gesundheit.

Damn Your Eyes, but The Devil’s Circus Communion is Cursed, even though the Roller Derby Saved My Soul, and poor Significant Me will listen to the Ballad of Peter Cotton Balls during the Confessions of an Operatic Mute… Can You Hear Me Now?

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, A Big Fat Drag Queen and his GodSpell will XHL The Stiltskin Trails. I will read Canterbury Trails, War and Peace, and the Mennonite’s Guide to Savage Street Fighting, but This is CANCER, A One Man Back To The Future, and it will end with the Understudies dancing The Two Step to The Untitled Sam Mullins Project.…. Play Piano, Play.

Who Killed Gertrude Crump? Why Not Murder Mother? These questions Get Served in the cafeteria of Dr. Sprocket’s IMAGINARIUM!… no need to scream… there are plenty of African Folktails during The TiBert Kitchen Party.

VERIKA! Quo Vadis! La Belle Laide! Are the cries of The Hobbling Buddhas, but we don’t understand them because I’m This Many, and The (Improvised) Bachelorette has a Rumble Pak and The Quitter has the Head of A Youth

The Big Stupid DnD Improv Show will pit FRAZ vs The Future, and Like Father Like Son, Little Red and his Man Woman Flower will become part of Chapter Two of The Hudson Bay Epic: The Legend of White Woman Creek.

Anatolia Speaks of The Balding Einstein, Executing Justice wherever he goes. It’s all Caws & Effect, this Boomer Love, and while Aiden Flynn Lost His Brother So He Made Another Action Figure.

It’s Infinity or Bust, but between the Moonlight After Midnight and TOMORROW’S DAWN, You Can Do Magic.


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John lives in an abandoned toolshed behind a fake rubber vomit warehouse in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a squirrel named Peanut Hoarder, where he steals an internet signal from the Kung Fu school next door. He is a little "off". View all posts by JBJ

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