Day 13 2014: A little hot under the collar.

We’ve reached that point in the festival, where nerves can get raw. Some of the staff have been working more than two weeks without a day off, and others are working long and hard hours in even harder conditions. Volunteers are putting in extra shifts and performers are counting down to when their run ends, trying to figure out what to do with the day-glow orange couch when they load out.

Working in close quarters for so long can put people on edge, but it’s understandable because we are all working together for the same goal to bring the festival to life, and we just want to do our best. It’s a community effort. Everyone is involved. Performers, staff, volunteers, vendors, and patrons all play their part (HA! See what I did there?)

During the weeks of Fringe, we’re not all going to agree on everything, and that’s fine. We may even get into some heated debates with each other about whether Rambo should be dancing in a discotheque, or whether the salmon duel was really necessary. We’ll complain about schedules, we’ll complain about reviews, we’ll complain about the weather, we’ll complain about the menu functions on the My Little Pony lighting console. These are all normal complaints, and they encourage discussion, and many times, solutions to problems.

But it seems to me, that this year we’re seeing larger amounts of bullying than I remember in the past, and this has got to stop!

I won’t name any names, because that would get me in trouble and make me the bully, but I’ve witnessed some individuals getting targeted in some pretty heinous ways. Some instances have made it to the news, others have not.

This goes out to those being targeted:

Know that you do not stand alone, that your community is behind you and will be by your side to help you weather this storm. Stand on our shoulders, for we are many, and the bully is alone.

And it doesn’t take an Einstein for the bully to realise that he is outnumbered and his actions meaningless.

So while your voice is added to the song of the legion of kindred souls in this community that supports you, and nurtures you, and works with you, the drone of the bully is drowned out, with nobody to hear him in the empty void he created…


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John lives in an abandoned toolshed behind a fake rubber vomit warehouse in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a squirrel named Peanut Hoarder, where he steals an internet signal from the Kung Fu school next door. He is a little "off". View all posts by JBJ

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