Day 4 2014: Save…… and save often

It only takes one time before you learn. You build a show on the lighting and sound boards. It’s a hundred cues and three hours of blood sweat and tears, but a proud moment because you finished everything in the time allotted.

Then a squirrel decided that the power cable into the building looked particularly delicious, and in a flash, that squirrel is gone, along with your power…… and your show…. because you forgot to save it.

It happens to every technician at least once in their career…. and ONLY once in their career… because there is nothing worse than having to rebuild a big show.

I remember doing it in University around 1987. I never did it again…. in my professional life…

So yesterday, when I wrote the most amazing blog post EVER… you think I would remember to save it.

You would think I would remember…. I didn’t.

It’s ok though, it’s ok. I’ve got some time. I can remember basically what I wrote. I’ll just write it again, no problem.

Now… did it start?

Crap, I can’t remember…. That’s ok, that’s ok……

…..I’m hungry. I need food. Food will help me think and I can blog while I’m eating! Great Idea!

To the Kings Head, for some curry fries!


Ok, I’m set up in the back with some fries and my iPad. Let the blogging commence!

….. these fries are messy. I’ll eat them first and then blog.


“Hey JBJ! Long time no see! Honey, this is JBJ. He was my tech in 2005.”

“Oh hi…… um….”


“Right, Carmine, I remember you guys, you had that huge couch and the screaming mime. Have you got a show in the Fringe this year?”

“Ya, we’re in Rambo Kicks The Crap Out Of Some Terrorist Dudes – The Musical. We just finished our tech. Did you know that there are no llamas allowed in the Fringe?”

“……. you don’t say….”

“Ya, we’ll tell you all about it. I’ll buy you a beer.”

“Um…… I was going to…. um…. ya sure, a beer sounds great.”


“…. and then, Rambo was supposed to beat the crap out of the llama with a salmon, but I guess we’ll have to re-write that scene. Oh, here’s another beer, my wife bought a round.”

“Um…. Ya sure, what the heck.”

“Hey JBJ! Remember us from last year?”


“Ya, cool good to see ya, let me buy you a beer!”

“…but I…”

“Good times, good times!”


“… so the screaming mime forgets to scream, and none of us know where we are in the script, so I just bowed and got the hell off of that stage!”

“That’s hishterical” *hic* “Hey, who bought another round?”

“Oh, ya, Jimmy Bob from the Esperanto Improve Group from Moose Jaw bought a round. Remember him?”

“…… uh….. ya, sure I do. Johnny?”

“No Jim Bob.”

“Right” *hic*


“You’re the best friend I ever had!”

“No, man, no, you’re the best friend I ever had!”

“No way, you are!” *hic*

“You are!”

“Ok, Ok, you are. I gotta grab a cab and get home, I got three technical rehearsals tomorrow.”

“Whoa dude, sucks to be you.”


Ok…. *hic* …. I’m home….

…. what was it I was gonna do? Oh ya! Bloggin…. blogging the blog… using my noggin. Bloggin with my noggin. HA! That is gold. Imma use that. I have to. It’s my duty…

… I said doody. HA! That’s even better. Imma write that down too.

Pffffft. This is easy, I’ll have a post ready in no time. Who da man? I’M DA MAN!!! I’m da…..



Oh my god. What time is it? Ok, good I’ve got a couple of hours before I have to be at work. I think I wrote some stuff down last night for the blog.

Looks like I just repeated the word ‘Doody’ about a thousand times.

Pffft. Of course I remembered to save that!

Ok, I’ll just write something during one of my meal breaks, it will be ok.


Ok. What the hell am I going to write about?

I have to write something or my two readers, Aunt Hilda and Bill Pats, will be disappointed. I could care less about Bill, I HATE THAT GUY, but I can’t disappoint Aunty Hilda.

Think, think, think. You only have an hour. What to write… what to write… what agonising thing has happened in Venue 2 lately. What idiotic thing have I done that can be turned into a blog piece…

OH! I know what I can write about!

(Start from the beginning of the post again)


About JBJ

John lives in an abandoned toolshed behind a fake rubber vomit warehouse in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a squirrel named Peanut Hoarder, where he steals an internet signal from the Kung Fu school next door. He is a little "off". View all posts by JBJ

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