Day 4 & 5 2012: Last Techs and Opening Day.

The remaining technical rehearsals went fairly well at Venue 2, a few hiccups, but nothing serious. Mostly problems with exhausted technicians trying to communicate with computerized automation:

Computer: “Please enter light channel number”

JBJ: “Channel 77 through 96”

Computer: “Please enter level”

JBJ: “@ 63%”

Computer: “Is that percentage in relation to Robert Hooke’s theory of light waves?”

JBJ: “Ummm… Yes?”

Computer: “Enter pulse rate”

JBJ: “I don’t want it to pulse”

Computer: “Robert Hooke wouldn’t approve. Would you like to save your work?”

JBJ “Yes.”

Computer: “I assume that yes means no. Erasing patch.”

Computers are jerks.

After putting out some small fires (finding cables, helping fix a few props, finding the closest lingerie store in the yellow pages) we were ready to open our venue.

The way the schedule worked out this year, I didn’t have any shows on the first night, all three shows were my venue partners, which is great, except that means the next day, Thursday, was going to be what I like to call A Death Day, or open and close and all five shows. And for this Death Day, I will have only run one of those shows in tech rehearsals, and I have no idea what to expect from the other four. So I grabbed my scripts (the ones that I had) and went through them page by page to familiarize myself with these productions that I had never seen.

I’ll report on how that went tomorrow.

In the meantime, go see some shows and get your Fringe on. And check out the new tab at the top of this page, Walkie Talkie Poetry for the latest morning poems from Venue 2…. Um… Yabba Dabba Doo…..

Gawd I’m tired.


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John lives in an abandoned toolshed behind a fake rubber vomit warehouse in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a squirrel named Peanut Hoarder, where he steals an internet signal from the Kung Fu school next door. He is a little "off". View all posts by JBJ

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